Great Bridal Showers

Culinary Bridal Shower Theme

“A-Peel to My Heart™” Stainless-Steel Peeler

Do you know a bride to be that loves to cook? Someone that loves creating tasty treats or succulent meals that could rival famous restaurants? Well how about having a food bridal theme that reflects what they love…cooking and food!

Invitations should specify that the bride and groom welcome gifts for their kitchen and request that guests bring a copy of their favorite recipe. By being creative with the wording and text, the invitation can be made to look like a menu from their favorite restaurant!

Centerpieces could be made out of food (carved fruit or vegetables) or by arranging cooking utensils in a basket like a bouquet. For a centerpiece that doubles as party favors for the guests, purchase plenty of wooden spoons. Wrap the business end of each spoon with tulle and, placing a truffle or other treat inside the fabric, tie it off with ribbon or butcher’s twine above the handle…this can be arranged as a bouquet in a basket filled with floral foam but be sure to cover the floral foam with some greenery or moss so it doesn’t peek through! Place the basket where guests can take a spoon as they leave the party.

If it is not possible to have the shower catered by the couple’s favorite restaurant, be sure to serve food that they love! For example, if Chinese food is their favorite but you only plan to serve finger foods, go ahead and serve eggrolls and pot stickers! However, if there is one thing you should splurge on for this shower, it’s the food.

To set the bride (and maybe the groom) apart from the guests, put her in an apron. For the more serious cook, a long sous chef’s apron would be appropriate. For a more casual cook, get a traditional style apron and have the word “Bride” or “Groom” printed across the front. Attractive styles can be ordered online or iron-ons can be purchased from a local craft store along with a plain white apron.

For a fun party game, or just to embarrass the bride, set up a series of blind taste tests. Feel free to get creative with your food choices, but make sure that it is all food that she has tasted before (and isn’t allergic to).

This theme will definitely be loved by the cooking bride to be!

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