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“First Year Of Marriage” Theme

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Marriage is a big step in one’s life…moving from girlfriend and boyfriend to husband and wife. The first year of marriage is a nice one for newlyweds, as everything seems new and fresh…want to have a shower that the couple will always remember? Then have a “First Year of Marriage” theme. The basis of this theme is for the couple to have a gift for each month of the year.

You don’t have to have extravagant invitations for this theme…a simple white invitation will work or if you want, you can have the invitations in the color(s) of the wedding. In the invitation, give each guest a specific month; if you know there will be more than twelve guest at the shower, try to get the gift list so there are not any duplicate gifts (if the bride to be has a wish list, this will work even better).

Decorations can be simple or if you want to do something more, then do so…flowers and balloons will work or if you could decorate with something from each month to set the theme, that would be even better. Food can be finger sandwiches, meat, cheese, and veggie trays, some cookies, etc. If the weather is nice and you can have your shower outside, you could barbeque or you could have your food catered. If possible, have a cake made into a calendar to represent the first year of marriage.

Games of all sorts could be played at this theme…you could have the bride guess how old the groom was when he did certain things (i.e. ride a bike, first kiss, tied his shoes, etc.). For party favors, you could give each guest a small gift for the month that they had.

If you want to have a theme that whenever the couple looks at a certain item, they remember where they got it, then try this theme.

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