Great Bridal Showers

Jack and Jill Theme

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Tradition shows that most bridal showers are geared towards women…this is a time when the bride to be is surrounded by friends and family who dish out advice, whether good or bad, and a time when women can get together to talk about everything. It’s rare that you see men at a bridal shower (unless they were dragged to it!) because most men believe that bridal showers are just for women…well not anymore. In this modern day and age, bridal showers are not only geared towards women, but men too, as some showers are now co-ed. If you’re thinking of having a co-ed bridal shower, then try the “Jack and Jill” theme!

Invitations for this type of theme can be anything you want. You could have invitations that have a mix of masculine and feminine touches…flowers on the outside of the card and when opened, have sports memorabilia as a border around the invitation information, is one example.

Decorations could have masculine and feminine touches also…deep colors mixed with soft pastels or miniature cars with butterflies, anything is possible.

If the weather is beautiful, have your shower outside…a barbeque is a great way to have a co-ed shower, as it is something everyone will enjoy. A limbo contest, horseshoe toss, and volleyball are some of the games that everyone could play.

If you’re looking for something that everyone, even men, will enjoy, then this theme is for you!

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