Great Bridal Showers

Recipe Theme

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Do you know a bride to be that’s learning how to cook or one who enjoys cooking? Does she have two, three, or four recipe boxes or books filled with recipes from appetizers to desserts? Then why not give a shower that relates to what she loves, a recipe theme…

Invitations can be related to the theme of the shower…you could have invitations set up to look like a recipe and ask the guest to bring a recipe on an index card to share. For decorations, you could have small kitchen gadgets and other kitchen utensils, such as wooden spoons, around the house.

For food, you could have meat, fruit, and veggie trays and finger sandwiches, but if you plan on keeping with the theme, you could have the guest make different types of quick dishes with items at the party. Games could be played, such as having several ingredients and coming up with a dish or whole meal using the ingredients…you could also play other games too.

Gifts for the guest could be small kitchen gadgets, such as small whisks, melon balers, veggie peelers, etc. or you could give the guest small jars of pre-mixed food with recipes, such as oatmeal cookies.

If you’d like something different, something unique, and you enjoy cooking and creating meals, then this theme is for you!

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