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Many couples in today’s world are already established before marriage… but whether they live on their own or live with their parents, some soon to be newlyweds still need the basics to get started in their new home. Usually after the couple is married, they move into a new place together… moving is tiresome and sometimes expensive and usually most of the money is spent on moving and on the couples’ new place. How a theme that isn’t that expensive and definitely helps the bride and groom to be…a pantry theme.

The idea is to fill the newlyweds house with non-perishable items…some good ideas are flour, sugar, spices, etc. When sending out invitations include a recipe card and ask guests to include a favorite recipe along with their gift. Guests are required to bring at least one non-perishable food item to the shower, but they may bring more if they wish. Traditional gifts, such as a bag of flour, are also accepted because it is really not that expensive or instead of non-perishable food items you could fill the bathroom pantry…toilet paper, cleaners, beauty supplies, etc.

Party games could include guess the spice. Take the label off the spice bottles and everyone takes guesses as to what they are without smelling, feeling, or tasting the spice. Prizes could be herb pots and seeds. With this theme, you are helping the couple more than you know…hopefully when the party is over, the newlyweds will have non-perishables to last six months or more.

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