Great Bridal Showers

Classic Hollywood Theme

Personalized Mint Tin – Black Toile

Rita Hayworth… Greta Garbo… Ginger Rogers… what do these three names have in common? Classic Hollywood stars, that’s what! The 1930’s and 40’s were the golden ages of Hollywood, when gangster films and musicals among other movies were all the rage and when movies were made in color besides black and white. Why not have classic Hollywood themes for a shower?

Everyone likes to dress up and this is a fun way to feel glamorous and have a party the bride would always remember… Remember “glamour is the name of the game.” Have the colors of the 30’s and 40’s with your guest dressed as their favorite movie star from that period or have a book of pictures along with someone you have hired to do make up and hair and take photos of everyone as their favorite star.

Invitations should be made which reflect that period…white and silver with fonts from that time. Research on parties of the day or watering holes of the time and what food they served…you could serve cocktails from that period or non-alcoholic drinks old Hollywood.

Research famous Hollywood couples and create games around their marriages and divorces and affairs… games could include “Name that star,” “Name that movie,” etc. Prizes could include a personal pastel and items like old 30’s or 40’s magazines and memorabilia.

If you can’t live like the stars of today, why not live like the stars of yesteryear?