Great Bridal Showers

Afternoon Tea Theme

Personalized Par-Tea Bagâ„¢ Bridal Shower Favor Bags

There are many different types of themes for a bridal shower, from classic themes, such as a bachlorette party theme to more outrageous themes, such as a 1980’s theme and everything in between. If you’d like to have a shower theme that is simple, classic, and elegant all in one, then try an afternoon tea theme.

If you can host the shower at a nice bed and breakfast or a luxurious hotel that serves formal tea would be great; if not, then create your own. Decorate with soft colors, such as pastel and white, crisp, white tablecloths, and fresh flowers in elegant vases…think refinement and sophistication. For food, you could have tiny sandwiches, scones, crumpets with jam, etc. to serve with your tea and you can have cold tea, for those who don’t like hot tea.

You could have guest bring antique tea cups and saucers, silver teaspoons, silver serving tray, anything that could incorporate into the theme. Games of your choosing could be played and party favors for the guest could be incorporated into the theme…different flavored teas could be given as gifts for guest.

This theme is for those who would like something simple, yet elegant at the same time.