Great Bridal Showers

Arabian Nights Theme

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You close your eyes and hear the music…thump thump thump from the sound of the drum…you hear the sweet sound of a lute and the slight sound of finger cymbals. You open your eyes and you see beautiful colored fabrics surrounding you and the dancing of belly dancers. You swear you’re in Arabia but you’re not…you’re at your bridal shower. If this seems too good to be true, it’s not with an Arabian Nights theme…

Invitations for this theme are bright colors, such as fuchsia, gold, and burnt orange…you could have simple invitations in the colors described or you could go fancy and use a scroll as an invitation. You can decorate with silk drapes, sheer curtains, and hanging lanterns…you want a bohemian, in another country feel to the room.

Food could be traditional items found at a shower…finger sandwiches, veggies, fruit, cakes, etc. or you could have Arabian food, such as Kabsa (meat mixed with rice), Arabic bread, and Ataif (small pancakes filled with nuts or cheese and doused with syrup). Games could be played, such as bingo and stump the bride…for entertainment, you could have a belly dancer and after the performance, the belly dancer teaches the bride to be and guest how to belly dance.

If you enjoy the colors, dance, and atmosphere of Arabia and have always wanted to go, then try this theme.