Great Bridal Showers

A Couples Shower With An Asian Theme

“Double Happiness” Asian-Themed Favor Box with Metallic-Gold Symbol and Bow (Set of 24)

Bridals showers aren’t just for brides anymore. Why not throw a couples shower with an Asian theme?

Start with a quick trip to your local Chinatown or some clever online shopping will bag you a boat load of clever decorating stuff without breaking the bank. Start with a package of red good luck money bags for your invitations. Snag some paper lanterns, peacock festooned paper parasols and some snazzy ‘double happiness’ paper garlands for decorations. Hunt out a few blue and white chinoisere ceramic pots for centerpieces. Curly good luck bamboo mixed with white roses look elegant and sophisticated. Or go for a few glass bowls with a gold fish swimming inside for good luck.

Keep it fun and simple. If the weather’s nice, have the party outside. loop those paper lanterns on a string of white Christmast tree lights and cover the patio table with red and white. Your guests will feel like they’ve stepped onto a garden along the Perfume River. Have beer, wine and soft drinks on hand but come up with one signature cocktail for the occassion. How about greeting your guests with an ice cold sake-tini or whip up a signature punch and serve it up in tiki-style glasses with fun fruit and flower garnishes. Don’t forget to have a few bottles of sparkling wine on hand for a toast.

Don’t do a sit down meal. Buffet style is great with a mix of homemade treats and delicacies from your favorite Chinese restaurant. Avoid anything that needs a knife and fork. Dim Sum are fun finger food. Pick a few favorites like shrimp dumplings, egg rolls sliced to bite sized pieces and steamed barbecued pork sticky buns. Whip up a Chinese chicken salad or a cold asian noodle salad and serve it up in Chinese food paper take-out boxes. Give your guests a pair of chopsticks and they can eat out of their own little box as they mingle. Some places will even personalize your chopsticks with your names and the date. For dessert pass out plates of fortune cookies and almond cookies along with fresh fruit. Again the fortune cookies can be ordered with personalized fortunes tailored to your special day. Hunt out frozen Japanese mochi in the frozen food section of your local Asian grocery store for a surprising dessert. They’re bite-sized ice cream treats that come in exotic flavors like green tea and mango. There’s chocolate too for your less adventurous guests.

For party favors again Chinatown will provide. Go for simple slip on slippers with fancy beading in all sizes. Put them in a basket by the door along with some gold ‘double happiness’ gift bags and guests can pick out the right size for them. Wear them at the party and then take them home.

Marriage is an adventure, starting off with a trip to an exotic locale is a great way to start the journey.