Great Bridal Showers

Book Theme

The Wedding Book (The Big Book for Your Big Day)

Reading is wonderful for many reasons… it allows you to expand your mind and allows you to have your own imagination of the books meaning. A book theme is something different but also exciting, even for non-avid readers.

Ask your guest to tell you what one of their favorite, famous books are and tailor make their invitations based off of the book…if you’ve never read the book, go online to find information on it.

For the shower itself, have your décor based off of your favorite books or your favorite literary character… you could have a cake made into the shape of a book or serve food from some of your favorite books. For your guest, make name tags out of plates or wine glasses with little cartoons inspired by the their favorite book. For games, the possibilities are endless…you could have your guest act out a scene from their favorite book or you could have them quote a part of their book and tell everyone why it is their favorite.

By having this type of theme, you also learn something new about your guest and something educational…you learn why that book is favorable to them and you also learn something about the book that may make you want to read it.