Great Bridal Showers

How Many?

Here’s a game that everyone will enjoy. Find or buy a container/bottle and fill it up with candy, safety pins, or anything that deals with the wedding/shower. Before you fill it, make sure you know how many pieces are in it before sealing it up. Give the guest pens and paper and pass the bottle around and have the guest guess how many pieces are in it…give each guest a 30 sec to 1 minute with the bottle. Whoever is the closest to the actual number wins!

Can You Remember?

Are you hosting a bridal shower and want to have fun but can’t think of any games to play? Want to have everyone involved but not sure how to do this? Then this game is for you!

First, get a friend that no one, not even the bride knows…if you can get someone you work with that the bride doesn’t know, that would be great. Once you have someone, get as many different items you possibly can…a pen, toilet paper, scotch tape, anything and everything and put these items in a bag. Give your friend an invitation, but one that’s different than everyone else’s.

A day or two before the shower, let you friend know what time you plan on starting the games…you don’t want her showing up too early or too late and remind her to act like she does not know you, as that will throw the game off. The day of the shower, have everything you will need (pen/pencils and paper) and wait. The game goes like this…the “lady” will show up and will have the bag with the items in it, including the different invitation. She’ll come up with some type of speech where she got lost, couldn’t find the place, car broke down, anything that won’t seem suspicious to everyone. As she is looking for her invitation, she’ll pull out the items one at a time so everyone can see them (but of course don’t tell them)…once she has the invitation, she should give a false address (one preferably on the same street or in the vicinity of the shower) so everyone thinks she just went to the wrong house. Put all the items back in the bag and leave…but don’t leave the shower, just sit in the car. The hostess will get up and will see the “lady” still there….the hostess will go outside and bring her back in (and then you can tell everyone about the ruse and the game).

This is a great way to have fun, make everyone laugh, and to see who was paying attention.

Trivia Game

Need a game idea for a bridal shower? Want to see how many people “really” know their about-to-be-wed friend? Then have a trivia game.

Have some questions about the bride and/or groom ready…questions like, how they met, what was the first job that the bride held, what color are the groom’s eyes, etc. Try to have a decent amount of questions for the game. Guest can play as individuals or in teams and you can have a gift for the winner/team of the game, such as a gift certificate.

This is a fun way to get everyone involved and see who knows the bride/groom/couple the best.

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