Great Bridal Showers

Queen For A Day

“Royal Tea Lights” Jeweled Tea Lights (Set of Four Prince or Four Princess)

Don’t know what to get a bride to be who has everything they need? Are you stuck on ideas for a bridal shower for someone who has it all? Then why not make her a “queen for a day”? This theme is for the bride to be who doesn’t need the normal gifts.

Invitations for this shower can be a simple invite stating what the party is about, location, items to bring, etc…however, you could make the invitation relative to the theme by creating one similar to those from the old days that Kings and Queens sent. The invitation could say something like “Here Ye, Here Ye! The maid of honor requests your presence for a lovely shower for (bride’s name) as she will be crowned ‘Queen for the Day’.”

Decorations could be set up that match the color of the wedding or if possible, depending on where you have the shower, try to set up everything to look like a room from a castle including a throne (use a chair that’s tall and decorate it with ribbons) and crown. Food for the shower would be specific to the ‘queen’, as it’s her day and gifts could be items such as a spa package or expensive chocolate.

If you want to treat that special woman like the queen she is, then this theme is for you!

Spa Theme

Personalized Terrycloth Spa Robe

Imagine a day full of relaxation…lying back with the sun on your face, a cool drink in your hand, and a cute male masseuse massaging your feet. What else could one ask for? Want to give the bride to be a relaxing day like this one? Then have a spa theme!

Invitations for this theme can be very creative…you could have personalized bath and body products sent as invitations to reflect the theme. Decorations for this theme are not needed as it is a day of relaxation…but if you want to have decorations, you could decorate with flower petals or with different types of soaps, bath salts, etc.

If you know your shower will not have a lot of guest, try to have your shower at an actual spa, but if there will be a lot of guest, try hiring a massage therapist and manicurist/pedicurist.

For food, you could have a brunch with non-heavy items, such as waffles, omelets, toast with jam, etc. All types of games could be played…gift bingo, trivia about the groom, anything that will be fun for all involved.

Pamper The Bride

“Queen For A Day” Soft-Foam Toe Separators (Set of Two)

Preparing a wedding is a stressful time in a couple’s life especially the bride’s…choosing colors, finding a chapel, the type of cake, everything has to be perfect. The bride to be has many things going on during this time and doesn’t have the time to relax and de-stress…so why not pamper her for her shower?

Get items to pamper the bride to be with…a gift certificate to a spa or salon, hiring a masseuse, or bath and body products…anything that can relax the bride to be. Food and drinks should be served at the shower and you could have candy, chocolate with tea, finger sandwiches, anything that doesn’t require a lot of cleanup for the guest and especially the bride.

Try to make sure that the colors of the décor or the room itself doesn’t distract from the bride… this is her time and she deserves it.

Creating this type of theme gives the bride the time she needs to prepare for the big day…also it can carry over to the honeymoon and create a better experience for the bride and groom by bringing them closer together in the first days of their new marriage.