Great Bridal Showers

Sports Theme

Play Ball! –  Placecard Holders (Set of 3)

You’re sitting down, on the edge of your seat, waiting, and then you hear it…”he’s at the 50, the 40, the 20, the 10, TOUCHDOWN!!!” and you scream. Are you someone who loves sports? Do you watch every game of your favorite team or have decals of your team on your vehicle? If you do, then this theme is definitely for you…a sports theme!

This theme works best if the shower will be co-ed, as men love sports, but it doesn’t have to be. If the bride and groom to be both enjoy the same sport and team, everything will be based off that…if they enjoy two different sports or teams, then planning may take a slight bit longer. Invitations for this theme can be creative…use the colors of the couple’s favorite team(s) and have little pictures of players with the invitation. Also, you could have a generic invitation and decorate it with a border of different sport equipment (football, baseball, hockey stick or puck, etc).

Again, decorations will be based off of the couple’s team(s) or sport…if the groom likes baseball and the bride likes football, you could have footballs and baseballs as decorations along with their team’s colors. If they like the same sport but two different teams, then you could have just the colors of their favorite teams together (i.e. Eagles (green, white, and black) and Redskins (red, yellow, and white)).

As this theme is pretty casual, for food, you could have a tailgate party/cookout with all the works…hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and dip, anything you’d like. For games, you could play all types of sports games such as flag football and volleyball or you could play sports trivia games in groups (men vs. women, teams vs. teams, etc.). For guest gifts, you could have sports cards made (think baseball card) with the statistics of the bride and groom.

If you want a shower theme that will be a ‘hit out of the park’, then try this theme!

Stock The Pantry Theme Wedding Shower

Southwest Kitchen Gift Box

“Hot! Hot! Hot!” Pepper Magnet in Southwest-Kitchen Gift Box

Many couples in today’s world are already established before marriage… but whether they live on their own or live with their parents, some soon to be newlyweds still need the basics to get started in their new home. Usually after the couple is married, they move into a new place together… moving is tiresome and sometimes expensive and usually most of the money is spent on moving and on the couples’ new place. How a theme that isn’t that expensive and definitely helps the bride and groom to be…a pantry theme.

The idea is to fill the newlyweds house with non-perishable items…some good ideas are flour, sugar, spices, etc. When sending out invitations include a recipe card and ask guests to include a favorite recipe along with their gift. Guests are required to bring at least one non-perishable food item to the shower, but they may bring more if they wish. Traditional gifts, such as a bag of flour, are also accepted because it is really not that expensive or instead of non-perishable food items you could fill the bathroom pantry…toilet paper, cleaners, beauty supplies, etc.

Party games could include guess the spice. Take the label off the spice bottles and everyone takes guesses as to what they are without smelling, feeling, or tasting the spice. Prizes could be herb pots and seeds. With this theme, you are helping the couple more than you know…hopefully when the party is over, the newlyweds will have non-perishables to last six months or more.

The Room Theme

Bride and Groom Toilet Paper- A Must for the Party Host !!

Bride and Groom Toilet Paper

Want a theme that is completely different? Want to do something that guest along with the bride (and groom if it’s a couples theme) will have fun with? Then try a ‘Room Theme’?

Invitations can be simple but include an insert in the invitations to assign each guest a traditional room from a house (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, dining room, etc.). Suggest to each guest that they bring a gift to fit the theme of that room…a set of mixing bowls for the kitchen, sheets for the bedroom, new towels for the bathroom, china for the dining room, etc.

You can place each themed gift in the specific room and have an activity planned for each room where the bride will open her gifts. Bake a cake together in the kitchen, create a toilet-paper “wedding dress” for the bathroom, eat cake in the dining room, whatever you can come up with.

This is a great way for a bride-to-be (or couple) to prepare for their new home and a great way for everyone to enjoy this special day.

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