Great Bridal Showers

Hobbies Theme

“Love is Brewing” Teapot Timer in Classic Retro Gift Package

Everyone has hobbies, whether it is reading, drawing, playing games, or fishing, everyone has something that they like to do; couples are no exception to this. One couple may enjoy a hobby where they can be together, such as dancing, and another couple may enjoy a hobby where they are not together…why not create a theme that relates to the couple’s hobbies for a shower?

Invitations can be very creative for this type of theme. Say the bride to be enjoys horses and cooking…the groom enjoys carpentry and video games. The invitations could be shaped like mixing bowls and inside the envelope could be some sawdust. Whatever your imagination comes up with that relates to the couple’s hobby will work.

Gifts for the shower can center around the theme too! If the couple registered on websites for their items, then get a specialty item that relates to the theme. Food could be simple for this type of theme…finger foods shaped as part of the couple’s hobbies would be nice. You could have a cake that has the couple’s hobbies together…the bride to be likes to cook, so you could have a picture or drawing of kitchen items…the groom likes carpentry so you could have a picture or drawing of carpentry items. The possibilities for this are endless, as are the games that could be played at this shower….

Hobbies are fun and relaxing, so why not enjoy your hobby with friends and family?

Exotic Summer Theme

Hibiscus Favor Boxes filled with White Chocolate Hearts

Ah Summer…a time where the weather is warm and people go to the beach, when school is out, and when showers are all around. Have you ever wondered what summer feels like in the Amazon or Rainforest? Well find out with an exotic summer theme!

Invitations could be printed on a white or off-white paper and have the words in bright, tropical colors or you could have vines or flowers for a border around the invitation.

The basis for the theme is nature, so have the shower outdoors, if possible. Decorate the area with bright centerpieces, bamboo, tropical flowers, anything that sets the mood. Guest can dress in colors that fit the theme, such as a tropical shirt or flowery dress, or you could have the guest dress in plain or pale colors and have the bride (and groom if it’s a co-ed theme) in a color that fits the theme.

For food, you could have exotic foods, such as mangos, kiwi, or pineapples as part of your shower or you could have it catered by someone who prepares exotic dishes. The cake could have bright frosting or you could have tropical frosting flowers on the cake. For games, you could have a tropical treasure hunt or a bingo game with tropical bird names.

If you want to feel as if you’re in the Amazon or Rainforest, then try this theme!

Victorian Era Theme

Set of 4 “Be Seated” Victorian Chair Tea-Light Place Card/ Photo Holders

The Victorian Era refers to when Queen Victoria, who had the longest reign in British history, ruled over the British people…during her reign, economic, political, and cultural, among other things, prospered. Women’s clothing during this time was elegant…gowns trimmed with lace, ribbons, and frills…feathered hats and gloves…the times when women were a vision of elegance and grace. Recreate this time period by having a Victorian theme…

Use Victorian colors such as soft pinks, dusty roses, ivory and creams, and soft blues…the space could be decorated with flower vases filled with roses and miniature roses, snapdragons, morning glory, as well as ivy. If possible, replace existing furniture with rattan and wicker furniture for a more authentic look…also you could have flowered or lace tablecloths covering the tables. Invitations could be made with the colors of that era with lace for the edges or elegantly embroidered with miniature pearls.

Guest can wear Victorian era like clothing, such as a feathered wide rim hat or an accessory or two that reflects that time period. Food that could be served could be finger sandwiches, hot and cold teas, and miniature bridal cakes, just to name a few…for entertainment, guest can play games such as “The Laughing Game,” “I’ve Been to Market” or “Hot Boiled Beans”…if some of the guest play piano, they could play something for the bride-to-be. Goodie bags for the guest could be filled with items such as a small milk bar soap, bubble bath, and bags of herbal tea.

The Victorian Era may have passed many years ago but by creating this theme, you can bring it back and feel as if you were living during that elegant time…

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