Great Bridal Showers

Arabian Nights Theme

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You close your eyes and hear the music…thump thump thump from the sound of the drum…you hear the sweet sound of a lute and the slight sound of finger cymbals. You open your eyes and you see beautiful colored fabrics surrounding you and the dancing of belly dancers. You swear you’re in Arabia but you’re not…you’re at your bridal shower. If this seems too good to be true, it’s not with an Arabian Nights theme…

Invitations for this theme are bright colors, such as fuchsia, gold, and burnt orange…you could have simple invitations in the colors described or you could go fancy and use a scroll as an invitation. You can decorate with silk drapes, sheer curtains, and hanging lanterns…you want a bohemian, in another country feel to the room.

Food could be traditional items found at a shower…finger sandwiches, veggies, fruit, cakes, etc. or you could have Arabian food, such as Kabsa (meat mixed with rice), Arabic bread, and Ataif (small pancakes filled with nuts or cheese and doused with syrup). Games could be played, such as bingo and stump the bride…for entertainment, you could have a belly dancer and after the performance, the belly dancer teaches the bride to be and guest how to belly dance.

If you enjoy the colors, dance, and atmosphere of Arabia and have always wanted to go, then try this theme.

Hobbies Theme

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Everyone has hobbies, whether it is reading, drawing, playing games, or fishing, everyone has something that they like to do; couples are no exception to this. One couple may enjoy a hobby where they can be together, such as dancing, and another couple may enjoy a hobby where they are not together…why not create a theme that relates to the couple’s hobbies for a shower?

Invitations can be very creative for this type of theme. Say the bride to be enjoys horses and cooking…the groom enjoys carpentry and video games. The invitations could be shaped like mixing bowls and inside the envelope could be some sawdust. Whatever your imagination comes up with that relates to the couple’s hobby will work.

Gifts for the shower can center around the theme too! If the couple registered on websites for their items, then get a specialty item that relates to the theme. Food could be simple for this type of theme…finger foods shaped as part of the couple’s hobbies would be nice. You could have a cake that has the couple’s hobbies together…the bride to be likes to cook, so you could have a picture or drawing of kitchen items…the groom likes carpentry so you could have a picture or drawing of carpentry items. The possibilities for this are endless, as are the games that could be played at this shower….

Hobbies are fun and relaxing, so why not enjoy your hobby with friends and family?

Circle Of Children and Friendship Theme

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Do you remember when you were a child and you dreamt about your wedding day? What you would wear? What your prince charming would look like? Do you remember the games you played as a child? Bridal showers are a time when friends and family get together to celebrate the bride-to-be’s upcoming marriage…everyone has a chance to reflect on the past and prepare for the future of the big day. Although you can’t be a child again, you can enjoy the fun and games of a child by having a “circle of children” theme.

This shower works for a woman with lots of friends who have children or younger siblings. The invitations for the party could read something like this:  “Come one, come all, and bring all the children you know.  Children are the VIPs of this party, and only their gifts will be opened.  We look forward to seeing you, playing games, singing songs, and opening gifts.”

If possible, have your shower outside at a park, in the backyard, somewhere where there is a lot of space, especially if you know there will be a lot of children. Make a circle and have each child enter the “circle” holding a beautifully wrapped gift.  Only children holding gifts can be part of the circle and only gifts presented by children can actually be opened by the bride to be. Music is played for a game of musical chairs or whatever game you would like; whichever child is left then gives his gift to the bride to be and she opens it. This continues until all the children have won and presented their gifts and all gifts have been opened.

Food could be little sandwiches on trays, along with cookies and milk, fruit, veggie, or meat trays or anything that you would like.

Try this theme if you would like to do something different that includes the “little people” in your life.

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