Great Bridal Showers

What Do You Know (a.k.a. The Bubble Gum Game)

You’ll probably go to many bridal showers in your life, whether they are strictly for women or they are co-ed and probably at one of these showers, you (and guest) will be bored because there aren’t games to play or the games being played are just boring by nature. If you would like to have some fun at the next bridal shower you go to, suggest “The Bubble Gum Game”…

To play this game, first you need to find out personal information about the groom (his favorite colors, shoe size, favorite sports team, etc.)…try to have a decent amount of questions to ask the bride to be (20 questions or more are great!). At the shower, ask the bride one question at a time about her soon-to-be husband…for every question she gets wrong, she has to put a piece of bubble gum in her mouth and chew it and she can’t take the gum out of her mouth as she is answering questions. Depending on how well the bride to be knows her soon-to-be husband, this can be simple or very messy.

If you want to liven up the next shower you’re attending, then try this game!