Great Bridal Showers

Japanese Bridal Theme

Double Happiness Asian Themed Champagne Flute

The land of the rising sun, Japan… a distant land that has beautiful mountains and a beautiful culture, among many other things.

The traditional Japanese tea ceremony could be adaptable for use as a bridal shower. The ceremony is all about spending time with friends and family in an intimate environment away from the troubles of the world…the Japanese call this “one time, one chance.” Why not celebrate an impending wedding with such a sentimental atmosphere?

Invitations can be sent on Japanese washi, or handmade paper, and guests should arrive wearing a kimono or yukata… this will be fun for people who enjoy dressing up and kimonos are quite lovely. The bride can either serve tea to her guests, which is the Japanese way of doing things, or she can be the guest of honor. Although tea ceremonies are usually quite formal, it can be made into a casual affair, with lots of sake and kaiseki, or traditional Japanese haute cuisine, which comes in small, beautifully-arranged portions. The setting should be a Japanese tea house or a space adapted for this use with tatami mats, hanging scrolls, and flowers–the decoration is very simple.

There are some tea ceremony “games”, too, such as the hana-tsuki game, in which guests take turns serving tea and sweets to one another…entertainment can also be arranged, such as music or singing (or karaoke for a modern spin!).

Whether you are at a Japanese restaurant or at your home, you can feel as if you are in Japan with this theme.