Great Bridal Showers

Circle Of Children and Friendship Theme

“Circle of Friendship” Personalized Bracelet with Swarovski Crystals

Do you remember when you were a child and you dreamt about your wedding day? What you would wear? What your prince charming would look like? Do you remember the games you played as a child? Bridal showers are a time when friends and family get together to celebrate the bride-to-be’s upcoming marriage…everyone has a chance to reflect on the past and prepare for the future of the big day. Although you can’t be a child again, you can enjoy the fun and games of a child by having a “circle of children” theme.

This shower works for a woman with lots of friends who have children or younger siblings. The invitations for the party could read something like this:  “Come one, come all, and bring all the children you know.  Children are the VIPs of this party, and only their gifts will be opened.  We look forward to seeing you, playing games, singing songs, and opening gifts.”

If possible, have your shower outside at a park, in the backyard, somewhere where there is a lot of space, especially if you know there will be a lot of children. Make a circle and have each child enter the “circle” holding a beautifully wrapped gift.  Only children holding gifts can be part of the circle and only gifts presented by children can actually be opened by the bride to be. Music is played for a game of musical chairs or whatever game you would like; whichever child is left then gives his gift to the bride to be and she opens it. This continues until all the children have won and presented their gifts and all gifts have been opened.

Food could be little sandwiches on trays, along with cookies and milk, fruit, veggie, or meat trays or anything that you would like.

Try this theme if you would like to do something different that includes the “little people” in your life.