Great Bridal Showers

Holiday Bridal Shower Theme

“Memo-rable Margarita!” Margarita-Shaped Pad with Pencil and Imprinted Bow

The holidays are a wonderful time for many people…you usually have some type of get together with friends and family and you usually don’t have to work on a holiday (which everyone loves!). Bridal showers can be thought of as a ‘holiday’…you have a get together with friends and family and you usually don’t have to work. So why not have the best of both worlds for a day, a holiday shower? (And no, your shower doesn’t have to be on an actual holiday.)

A holiday shower theme is fun, interesting, and helpful for a new couple. With the help of their maid of honor, they can decide whether to have an all holiday’s theme or choose one specific holiday. Everyone has a unique way of celebrating each holiday. The new couple would have the benefit of combined knowledge to decide what traditions they want for themselves.

If you are planning an all holiday’s theme, you could have in the invitations that each guests is assigned a holiday…if it is a specific holiday, like Fourth of July, then have the guest bring a dish around that holiday.

The refreshments served at a holiday shower should also reflect the theme. If the theme is an all holidays, try to have a refreshment from each…juice or lemonade for Fourth of July or apple cider for Christmas. Each guest could bring a holiday related entree, side dish, or dessert. That would need to be specified in the invite. The meal could be served in the same fashion as the holiday theme. For example, a July Fourth shower might be served picnic style. The meal could be simple – potato salad, roasted corn, baked beans and fried chicken. For dessert, a red, white, and blue layer cake or strawberry and blueberry shortcake with whipped cream.

The main idea is to have fun and a surefire way to do that is to have the guests come dressed representing their holiday. This would allow for the more creative guests to really express their imagination. Who wouldn’t love to have the Bride of Frankenstein or the Easter Bunny at their shower! If it is a couple’s shower, the groom and his bride could arrive as Santa and Mrs. Claus. They could give out candy canes and everyone could have their picture taken with Santa!

Favors for the party should also follow the theme. Some interesting items might include a small ornament with the couple’s name and the guest’s name imprinted on them for a Christmas theme.

With a holiday theme shower, the gifts to a new couple give them a head start to celebrate each holiday. For example, the guest assigned Thanksgiving might present a gift which included a big roasting pan, a turkey baster, a thermometer, oven mitts, and an apron.

This theme will be something that everyone will remember, as it is different and fun at the same time…you get to celebrate a ‘holiday’ and to celebrate the bride to be or couple.