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Time Of Your Life Theme

Personalized Desk Clock

You wake up at 7 a.m. to start your day… you look at the clock and realize it’s 3 p.m. and you ask yourself, “Where did the time go?” Time flies so fast that before you know it, hours, days, years even, go past you and you wonder where it all went…especially during the time of planning a wedding, it seems it goes quicker. Well how about slowing time down for a little bit and relax with a “The Time of Your Life” theme…

You can have the invitations explain the party, that everything will revolve around a specific time of day…even the gifts will reflect this. If you’re comfortable enough with the people you are inviting, you could even assign each guest a certain time and then they choose a gift that would be used at this time…a guest could be assigned 7:00AM and might choose a gift like a coffee maker and mugs or a waffle iron, etc. Another guest could be assigned 9:00PM and choose a gift such as his and hers bathrobes.

A great idea for decorations would be to incorporate clocks and pictures of the bride- and groom-to-be…paper decorative clocks or a collection of real clocks that are set up reflecting the different times of day throughout the party. By each clock, choose a picture that reflects that time, the sillier the better…a picture of the bride as a child opening Christmas presents in her pajamas at 6:00 in the morning or the groom dressed for his first day of school and waiting for the bus at 8:00AM…anything that you can imagine.

The food at the party would also follow this theme…you could start off with a breakfast appetizer, such as crepes or blintzes, fresh fruit, mini muffins, etc. The main meal would be lunch/dinner and that would be followed by dessert.

There are several party games that could revolve around this theme…each hour of the day could be written on a slip of paper and placed in a hat or bowl, which is passed around, and each guest chooses a slip. Doing their best to not reveal the time, each guest will give the bride-to-be a bit of marital advice relating to that time, and she must try to guess the time. Whoever stumps the bride, wins a prize.

This theme will definitely slow you down and have you enjoying the “time” you are spending with family and friends.